East Bay PBP Ride – Sat 11/19

This ride has a rather innocuous sounding name, it wasn’t till Kim W. explained the PBP (peanut butter and popcorn, I wondered?) that I got it; Pleasant Hill BART to Blackhawk to Pleasant Hill BART! Via Morgan Territories, the first ride I was co-leader last year with Tony M., but from Walnut Creek BART.

I met up with Kim and Cheryl S. at their home, to ride down to BART together. No sign of any bikes as we pulled up; on the other side however in the sun, were thirteen Spokers anxious to enjoy yet another beautiful fall day: Chris L. and Anne Z., Erika H., Liz A., Debra, May Anne R., Bill B., Tony M., Scott S., Kevin T., Randy D., Michael S. and new member Tom.

We headed out of the BART parking lot and I knew that Scott & Kevin had missed the traffic light, so I waited were we turned onto the Iron Horse trail so Scott would know were we went. I figured Kevin knew the route, so we headed off. I guess I should have read the route sheet better, because I missed the “L” turn onto the Contra Costa Canal bike trail, and led Scott a mile or so off track (gulp.) When we did notice that Kevin wasn’t catching up to us, we figured out the wrong turn and back tracked, after asking for directions to make sure. So we arrived at the first snack stop on Main Street in old Clayton, and took the expected razzing.

The next leg of the journey is up Marsh Creek Road, and Scott & I passed the stripping (vests & jackets, that is) She-wolves on a turn out, with Michael following us. Scott & I pedaled away, chatting, as we climbed. When Kim didn’t show after the She-wolves and Michael arrived, we found out that she had not seen Scott or myself pass them on Marsh Creek, so she turned back figuring we were having problems. This wouldn’t have been a problem, except she encountered four rather nasty Rotweilers; fortunately a good Samaritan witnessed this, and got their vehicle between her and the dogs allowing her to get away safely. Scared and understandably upset, but unharmed.

The decent down the wall towards Livermore and Manning Road proved uneventful although several “mechanicals” showed in the next leg. Bill provided a front wheel hub adjustment for Michael, his front tire had been rubbing, slowing him down. A bit later as we were passing thru Blackhawk, I noticed Tom’s rear wheel wobbling and pointed it out; he already knew a spoke had broken going up Morgan Territories, and had completed both the climb and the descent safely, with no real choice but to continue.

We zipped down Camino Tassajara to Sycamore Valley before the quick return via Danville Boulevard back to Walnut Creek and on Pleasant Hill BART. Kim had also invited the group back for grub, which (it turns out) was to celebrate her birthday! Some grub, a huge pot of chili, rice, veggies, salad, cheesy garlic bread (a club staple) and birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, Kim, and thanks again for a fabulous ride!