Saddle Challenge is On!

It’s March. Sign-up and participate in the Saddle Challenge
(see details below).

March is the month to get in shale. Set a mileage goal for this
month and let’s challenge each other to get ourselves into shape.

The event is also a fundraiser for the Ron Wilmot ride for Project
Inform. A ride founded by one of DSSF’s departed members.
Pledge in a lump sum or by the mile…..but sign up!

Many thanks for Tina Smilkenstein and Jerome Thomere for
getting this up and running!

See you on the road,


To sign-up
Go to

The login is your name
The password has been mailed to you from the yahoo group.
Enter your mileage and fund raising goals for March

Login issues? e-mail:

To donate

Send your check to
Different Spokes, P.O. Box 14711, SF, CA 94114
Scott Steffens,, will be playing
collectionator at the end of the month

To learn more
Go to

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