Saddle Challenge mid-month update

Well here we are, 2 weeks into the 2006 Saddle Challenge and we’ve made some significant progress!

The sum of the goal miles is now 6,400 as a club, which is impressive; last year our mileage goal was 3,300. So despite the weather, we do intend to get some miles in the saddle!

We’ve ridden 2,090 miles which is a bit behind the 3,712 we should have completed to be on track. Over 2,000 miles with the weather we’ve had so far this month is impressive!

Tina has logged the most miles, an impressive 553, but Tom is not far behind with 512 miles! Tom takes the lead though for having logged 73% of his miles to be done, to be on track today, we each would need to have 58% of our miles completed.

The third thru seventh place mileage contenders are very close; Don is third with 163 miles, followed by David with 156, Phillip with 145, David with 133 and Scott with 101 miles.

Thank goodness there are still a couple weeks left in the month, with a Gazos Creek-Canyon loop ride out of Half Moon Bay tomorrow, and the Evil Step Sisters ride next Saturday. Check the ride calendar for details

If anyone still wants to join in, there is still plenty of time, just go to: 2006 Saddle Challenge login to sign up. The password has been posted thru the Yahoo! Groups message board. Any questions, email