Evil Step Sisters-Sun 3/26

In typical March 2006 style, the weather proved to be the step mother for this ball; Friday afternoon as the forecast continued to look grim for Saturday, there was enough interest in doing the ride Sunday, that we just rescheduled it. From the initial reports from those doing the Cinderella Classic on Saturday (Headwinds! Hail! Headwinds! Rain! Headwinds! Crosswinds!) this definitely was a good choice.

Sunday morning seven hearty soles met at Peet’s for the annual Evil Step Sisters ride, which takes you for a climb up Mt. Tam and then along Panoramic Highway for some gorgeous views, followed by a long steep downhill to break at the Alpine Dam. David G., Scott S., Michael S., Jeff P., Erik L. were joined by newcomers Dino G & Raymond P., as we headed across the city to face Mt. Tam.

Evil Step sisters 1

We regrouped at the usual spots along the way, nearly missed the turn onto Miller, but proceeded safely thru Mill Valley, carefully stopping at all stop signs so as not to repeat last years run in with the law.

At the ranger station, Dino & Raymond announced that they would be skipping the snack stop at Alpin Dam, something about needing to be home or else they might be in “trouble” for having riden both days.

Evil Step sisters 2

We had a nice snack break at Alpine Dam before continuing on and climbing up Fairfax-Bolinas Road before descending back down to Fairfax, where we stopped as usual (ride to eat or eat to ride?)

Evil Step sisters 3

The five of us continued on through the various Marin townships on to Camino Alto. I recall someone mentioning that it seemed easier, maybe because we had already climbed over 3,000 feet? Crossing the flats to Sausalito was amazingly wind free and a pleasure, making that climb to the Golden Gate Bridge just a bit easier. Jeff turned off to head home, and the remaining four headed back to Peets to finish the afternoon.

Another great ride!