A rainbow over the Valley

I think this was a very nice ride. And nobody will contradict me, because nobody else showed up 🙂

I am talking about the “SF to Pescadero Hills” ride posted here.
Granted, it was a bit wet up until Hwy 92, but nothing any decent rain gear would be unable to manage, and once I had gone over Skyline on the coast side, the weather was cloudy but quite pleasant. I guess those wimpy Californians need much more to get out of their beds!

As I had posted, it was rather hilly: 8735 feet of climbing for 85 miles. My favorite climb might have beeen Higgins Canyon, but Stage Road was nice too, especially when all the scenery around is so green! Of course, not to forget the main course of this menu, West Alpine Road which, associated with Pescadero Hills, makes for a 3000-foot climb. Here is a glimpse of what my GPS showed me:

SF Pescadero Hills profile
Other details on gpxchange.com

Finally, the best reward was coming down Page Mill Rd. It is generally pretty, with views over the South bay and the Valley. But this time there was one of the most spectacular rainbow I had seen in a long time, staying there all along my descent. Quite a finish for a DSSF ride!

My real regret is not to have been able to share those moments with any other Spokers. But I am still hopeful, I’ll post and lead it again soon!

One thought on “A rainbow over the Valley

  1. Your rides are always nice, Jerome 😉
    Well, I don’t know if the climbing in this one should be classified as nice, I might have needed Rico in his SAG vehicle. Sorry I couldn’t make it, but ALC came to town for another training ride.


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