Alpine Dam Loop

It was a perfect day for the Alpine Dam Loop. Cool and overcast. Knowing how hot in can be over Ridgecrest, it is good to do this ride on a relatively cool day. At the start, we had Dave G., Michael Schmu, Patrick H., Michael Suss., Rob V, Dale, Tina P, Les. Bill B. joined us at the Bridge . We left at 9 sharp trying to roll out before a large ALC training ride.

Early on, the group decided to change the original route from the “hard” way to the “easy” way. We started out as nine but plans changed quickly. Tina decided that she was more in the mood for the Tib Loop. Rob and Patrick turned back before the top of Mt Tam (Patrick was having chain problems). The day was cool with intermittent clouds and that meant that people kept on their windbreakers even during the climbs. It was the first ADL for both Michael Suss and Les and they climbed like champs! We didn’t linger at the dam — deciding it would be better to have a leisurely lunch in Fairfax. We hit Fairfax about 1pm.

We had a nice long lunch in Fairfax which was overtaken by cyclists — LOTS of ALC riders. On our way through San Anselmo we passed Liz, Anne and Chris headed north. They had done the Tib Loop, considered heading to China Camp but there was too much traffic. Instead, they decided to combine miles with java and head to Fairfax. Before we got to Camino Alto, we lost Michael Suss. He made a U-turn and started heading north. He waved liked he was OK. After waiting a while, we figure he headed for the Larkspur ferry.

We the remaining five us crossed the bride about 3:15pm. It was a great group.

from left: Les, Patrick, Michael Sch, Dave, Michael Suss, Tina, Rob, Dale. (Not pictured: Bill B)