Mt Tam Pancage Breakfast

Victor, Kyle, Jaime, and Paul rode up the old railroad grade up Mt Tam to the West Point Inn on Sunday. We left our road bikes at home, and wiped the dust off our mountain bikes for this ride. Actually three of us did. Paul gets the butch boy award for riding up a Mt Tam mountain bike trail on a touring bike with moderately narrow tires! Not only did he do it, but he did it really well! The route is the former Mt Tam Railway that ran up the mountain from the late 1800’s until 1930. The weather was perfect with beautiful blue skies, and warm temperatures. As we climbed we had some breathtaking views of the city and the bay. Finally we reached the top and had a wonderful panckae breakfast at the historic West Point Inn.
Back in the 1800’s if you wanted to go to Stimson Beach you took a fairy from San Francisco to Sausalito. Then you took a railroad from Sausalito to Mill Valley. Then you got on to the Mt Tam railroad. You climbed up Mt Tam on this railway route we rode, and tnen took another line down to near Muir Woods. Then you took a stage coach or hiked the rest of the way to Stimson Beach. It was a full day journey! The West Point Inn was an origonal stop on the railroad. Today, it is still a fully operable Inn that you can only hike or mountain bike into. There is no public road to it, and no electricity. Just gas lamps and gorgeous views of the Bay Ares!
We had a great ride with good food, good views, and good company.