Greetings DSSF from Paso Robles

Well, three days down, 4 to go. At last count there were 23 (members and friends) of us riding and 3 Roadies. With this large of a group you can imagine it’s not easy to get us all coordinated and riding out together. But we’ve run into each other along the route and in the morning before breakfast or at dinner.

Day 1 from the Cow Palace to Santa Cruz was uneventful, although foggy along San Bruno to Half Moon Bay and southward, it cleared up around Pescadero, and ended as a beautiful day in Santa Cruz.

Day 2 started foggy and riding thru the streets of Santa Cruz, Aptos till we hit the first rest stop was slow with commuters and on city streets. As usual, the walls of wind presented themselves from the north for the west to east crossing not too fun. After that, it was tailwinds to King City.

Today was King City to Paso Robles, not a long day, but it got warm heading to the little town of Bradley, and stayed in the high 80s or 90s all the way to Paso Robles. While we still had a 5 mile stretch on 101 before Bradley, this year we did not have to get back on 101 on the way to Paso Robles, nice routing.

Here’s an interesting photo from yesterday’s ALC photocast….