Pescadero Hills

Maybe I should have been a tad more reassuring in my description… Maybe slower spokers would have been encouraged to join, and not leave me alone with those three cruise missiles. In any case the turn out was four times higher than my first edition of this same ride 🙂 mostly due to slightly nicer skies. But it was a constant struggle to keep up with Bill, Erik and Raymond, even weightened by my secret french weapon: the quatre-quarts I forced them to eat before starting.
In any case it was a pretty nice group to ride with sweep. I had a disppointment in Pescadero, because the line to get sandwiches at the bakery here was so long that we had to fall back on breads, croissants and rolls. There are some advantages in riding in the rain…
West Alpine Road kept all its promises. This 3000 foot climb (if we include the climb on Pescadero Rd) from Pescadero to the top of Page Mill Rd is equivalent to a mountain pass and the end can be a bit tough in the heat, the shade becoming pretty sparse towards the summit. Fortunately the temperature was not too painful that day.
After that the descent to Palo Alto and the ride back on Caltrain would have made the last part a breeze, if it hadn’t been for the real breeze gale we had to face in the last stretch from the station to my place, on Geneva Ave , exactly where ALC 5 had started two weeks before.
Some more details on and a few pictures in the gallery.

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  1. Well, that’s when the GPS loose reception of the satellite. I have to manually edit the GPX file to “iron out” these jumps, and it’s a bit more painful than climbing Alpine 🙂


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