Winner of the 2006 Gay Games Tom Waddell Award

The Tom Waddell Award for outstanding Gay Games participation is presented by the Federation of Gay Games every four years to individuals who have demonstrated a history of outstanding service in the arts, athletics or volunteerism.

Derek Liecty was honored at the Opening Ceremonies at Soldier Field in Chicago as the male recipient of the 2006 award. Derek gave a brief acceptance speech in front of tens of thousands of participants and spectators.

Derek Liecty-2006 Gay Games Tom Waddell Award

Derek has been contributing to the success of the Gay Games since it’s beginning in 1982 in San Francisco and has been involved in the organization of every one since then, as well as competing in most of not all of these. He has been a board member for the Federation of Gay Games for many, many years,
and continues as a lifetime honorary board member. This year, among other contributions, he has been actively involved in the scholarship committee, which has provided assistance to over 100 athletes from around the world who may not otherwise been able to attend, which impacts not only these individuals but their communities back home.

Congratulations, Derek!!