Time Trial Results

Today was the individual time trial. We set out for the Palos Forest Preserve SW of Chicago. It is a 45 minute trip from downtown Chicago. We got driven there in style in a good old-fashioned yellow schoolbus!

The course was a somewhat hilly, 11 mile, banana shaped (or as Jerome said “croissant-shaped”) scenic (not) but challenging ride.

Great days were had by Derek L, Don D and Mike Y. Who appear to be in line for Gold, Gold and Silver medals (respectively). While our times were posted today

Jerome T., Joe L., Lance H. and Dave G. had good days with times of 32:20, 32:54, 32:56 and 33:37 but our age category had some blisteringly fast times less than 30:00 including one less than 27:00!!!

Big Kudos to Roy S. He borrowed his friends car and made the trek out to Palos. He was DSSF’s cheerleader-in-chief and volunteered at the turn-around point. Thanks to you for coming out to support us and the event.

BTW: It was f&*&^%ing hot and humid today.

Tomorrow will be the medal ceremony for the individual time trial and also the road race which should be a lot of fun.

We’ll keep you posted!!

Live in Chicago this is Dave Glidden reporting……