DSSF Safe Bicycling Quiz!

How safe are you on your bike? Do you know bicycle laws? Take the Safe Bicycling Quiz and find out!

The Spoker that gets the most correct answers will get her/his choice of “Bay Area Biking” by Ann Marie Brown or a one-year subscription to Bicycling Magazine. If more than one Spoker has all the correct answers, their names will be put in a hat and the winner will be randomly drawn.

To enter, click the following link (PDF format), number your answers as they appear on the quiz and email to DSSFBlogEditor@yahoo.com by Monday, August 7th.

Bribing the Blog Editor for answers is prohibited…unless the bribe involves a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 🙂

Good luck!

Click For the Quiz: DSSF Safe Bicycling Quiz