Jersey Ride and Alpine Dam loop – Sat 8/12

What a great turn out for the August Jersey Ride, we had over two dozen riders show, and since all reports indicated that Paradise was closed to cyclists from the slide and the repairs in progress, we opted to make the ride to Fairfax for lunch, about the same distance as the normal Camino Alto-Paradise loop would be. And it seemed like a good opportunity to continue on and do the Alpine Dam loop, the hard way.

Stephanie V. led a few riders directly to Tiburon for lunch, while the rest of us headed to Fairfax for lunch. We met at the park on Bolinas Road off of Broadway and ate together, before separating with 10 of us heading up to Alpine Dam. Bill lead the “pain” people, including Bart, Erik, Mark H, Joe & Mark Y, followed by Michael S, Roger, Will and myself.

Lunch in Fairfax at the park

This was the first time for me to do this loop this direction; the Evil Step Sisters ride is up Mt. Tam to Alpine Dam and then to Fairfax. While this ride has been led several times by either Bill or Dave G, I’ve never been able to make it. So I was curious to find out why we refer to this as the hard way.

The route from Fairfax consists of a three good climbs, the first is leaving Fairfax on the way to Alpine Dam, it’s about 1000 feet in 5 miles, before you head down to the dam. We regrouped there, and then Bill led the six on to the summit parking lot, where they would do the extra 3 mile ride to the very top, an additional 1000 feet of climbing, and we would meet them there.

The second climb is out of Alpine Dam to the crest of Bolinas Fairfax Road at Ridgcrest Boulevard, and the third climb is known as the Seven Bitches, and these two combined add another 1200 feet or so. The Seven Bitches were not quite as hard as I thought they would be, so I guess I was having a good day. We regrouped at the summit parking, figuring that Bill and the gang would be waiting for us already, billy goat climbers that they are and such.

We decided that they must have gone down to the ranger station parking lot, when they were not there on our arrival and did not show shortly thereafter. No sign of them at the first ranger station, but we used the facilities and got some water, then headed down to the next ranger station, no sign there. So we continued on down 3 miles. The section along Edgewood was where the wind was blowing quite hard, trying to blow us into the street. Below that we continuedo on down Moline and Montford to Miller Avenue, which leads us back toi the bike path and the return to the city.

Bill and the gang caught up with us and we continued on back to the Golden Gate Bridge, and a windy crossing, so windy you can barely go into the wind as you ride around the towers. Michael, Roger, Joe and Mark and myself did finish up at Peet’s for coffee.

Another fabulous DSSF ride, sorry I only got a few photos.