AIDS/Lifecycle Thank You Rides & BBQ – Sat 9/16

After a very strange weather week, Saturday arrive, cold but clear. When I left Hollister at 6:15am, it was 47F; when I arrive at Chrissy Field, it was just about 60F, but a gorgeous clear sky and no wind. I had packed arm warmers, wind vest, knee warmers thinking it was going to be foggy and cool, so it was a nice suprise to have it start as such a nice day.

The AIDS/LifeCycle folks had their orange tents set-up, and folks were arriving. From Different Spokes, Rico, Bart, Leon, Dave F, Peter, Michelle (who also co-led the ride) and myself. Spotted later on also were Mark and Laura. After stretching (typical for ALC rides) and the (mandatory) safety speech, we headed out for the Tiburon loop about 9:15am.

It truly was a gorgeous day, not much wind, we were across the bridge and into Sausalito in no time. The Camino Alto and Paradise loop passed by in no time, and we were in Tiburon at 10:30! Rico, Bart and I head back together, and once back in Sausalito, the presence of the P.D. was quite obvious, so we were careful to err on the cautious side. Crossing the bridge again, we would have been back at Chrissy Field shortly after noon, except Bart had a tire going flat. Good thing the weather was so nice, it could have been miserable on the bridge in drippy fog with a howling wind. After two tube changes (oops!) we were on our way again.

Golden Gate Bridge

The BBQ was in full swing when we arrived, although the line seemed to be very long and VERY slow. They later apologized for the line, apparently they had been having technical difficulties with the grills earlier causing the delay. They had a raffle for a $250 gift certificate from Sports Basement, and two bikes; Dave F came closest to winning, by one number. But close only counts in horseshoes.

They also announced that they have nearly 1,000 riders signed up from AIDS/LifeCycle6 for 2007. You can sign-up here.