Fall Social and the Three Bears

Sunday’s fall social at Phil Bokovoy’s was an enjoyable day, despite slightly cooler weather than we’ve become accustomed to, and a lower than anticipated turnout of DSSF members and boardies.  Maybe it was the weather, or the end of daylight savings time, or perhaps a surfeit of Halloween parties.

Three rides were organized.  Tim and Jamie mountain biked; a second group rode a relaxing ride to Rosie the Riveter in Richmond.  A third group of seven enjoyed the Berkeley hills and Three Bears Loop.  Stephanie, Denise, Laura, Bart, Mark, Erik and Bill climbed the usual way up Euclid Avenue to Tilden Park and then up Wildcat Canyon Road to Inspiration Point.  By this time, the sun was beginning to peak out of the clouds and it was just another beautiful Bay Area Sunday morning.

The group rode a good C-pace clockwise loop around San Pablo Dam Road and the roads leading to the Bears.  Unfortunately Mark flatted but Stephanie was there to provide conversation and moral support.  On the way back, the boys went via South Park Drive, while the girls opted for a return trip via Wildcat Canyon and Euclid.  South Park, while only 1 1/2 miles long, has some stretches that are at least 15% grade.  A good time was had by Erik, Mark and Bill (i.e., the Conzelman Three) and Bart.  The screaming descent down Claremont back to Phil’s made the work up South Park all the more worth it.  Apparently, we just beat the mating season of some salamander, because South Park is closed to traffic starting November 1 for the winter. 

Back at Phil’s, BBQ turkey and coronas courtesy of Erik were the order of the afternoon.  Rico’s lemon bars and Tim’s beet salad were standouts, but by 2:30 as the sun disappeared from Phil’s backyard, the 15 or so of us there were huddling for warmth between two Weber BBQs. 

Unfortunately, no one brought marshmallows for toasting and s’mores, so everybody went home.