Nov 2006 DSSF Board Meeting

The DSSF Board met on 11/11/06 at Michael Schmucki’s house. Present were Scott, Bill B., Patrick, David Gaus, Michael and Dave Glidden.

First order of business was the membership and treasury reports. The current members ship stands at 158 and the club’s current balance is about $2650. The balance was a little higher than anticipated. Previous indication were that we would take a hit from Tahoe and from Jersey refunds. However, we are in good shape. There was some talk about donating the balance to charity. Perhaps a breast cancer charity, the ALC or the Wilmot ride.

Action: The 2007 board will develop a budget for the year.

The group then turned to the calendar for 2007. There are some fixed items on the calendar (like the Jersey) ride. The major centuries were added (Chico, Wine Country, Marin) but the focus was on scheduling club events. The club will plan 3 sponsored weekend rides: a weekend riding in Solvang in early March; a weekend in July in or around the Russian River and a weekend in Amador in early October. The decision was made not to schedule a Tahoe riding trip this year. Bill is planning a winter ski trip, however.

Action: The calendar will be distributed in the next couple of weeks by Chris LaRussell.

We then discussed the 2007 Board. Chris LaRussell is planning to run for president and Dave G. is interested in running for vice-president. Dave and Chris have been in touch and asked everyone on the board to stay if they are interested. Jerome was absent but expressed a willingness to stay. Michael S. said that he would like to rotate off the board. David G. expressed a willingness to stay; however, he is likely to take on new responsibilities at work. People began discussing various positions and people were concerned that some jobs (e.g., outreach) are poorly defined. Dave mentioned that Chris may add some positions such as a social coordinator or a special events coordinator. In that past, offices have come and gone on the board. Patrick said that it would be easier to recruit new board members is we could provide a clear description of responsibilities. It was noted that some responsibilities could be transferred away from ride coordinator to lighten the “load” Patrick volunteered to do write up responsibilities for officers to edit. [Update: This is done and available on request. Some discussion has followed by e-mail and responsibilities for position].

Action: Dave G will put out a general call for board and office volunteers.

Webform: The club will allow members to join off the website next year. This will further streamline the process of joining. Jerome has piloted the process with board members and asked questions about the interface. We had some suggestions for things to add (which is not easy and it was past time for that anyway) and things to remove. Anyway, it turned out he was asking about the general interface which we never discussed.

Action: An e-mail will go out in the next week asking people to join up. Web is encoura

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