tam/stinson romp hump

The Tam/Stinson ride was a hump for some and a romp for others. We started off with 5 riders at the café.  We headed out with perfect weather and plenty of sunshine. On the descent into Sausalito Eric joined up coming out of nowhere and screamed past us at speeds unimaginable. (I was at 35mph and standing still in comparison) I tried to keep up for a sec but then decided I wasn’t quite ready to die. In Mill Valley we made a quick stop before the big push up Tam. 2 riders opted for an alternate route. On the initial climb Eric of course disappeared into the hills and out of site within seconds. Bill surprised me with a hard spanking me hard on Tam. He even went for some extra miles and still made it to the pan-tol rest stop before me. He’s in awesome shape and is gearing up for a double century in a few weeks. He was also rockin out a very fly kit. Wanderson (a new rider) and I hung together and put up a moderate pace but we were both cashed at the east peak summit. Bill and Eric looked like they had slept for about 12 hours. The summit was a mix of snacks, water, and soda. Then came the 8 mile descent to Stinson beach for lunch. Bill walked through the grass and was mud soaked ankle deep. Eric followed in his footsteps. 2 very fast dirty men. After lunch came the push and pull back up Tam to the pan tol. There I felt fried and I was all out of gu. Luckily Bill had some left in his sack and was kind enough to donate. From there we said goodbye to Eric and Bill and they disappeared towards San Francisco. Wanderson and I commiserated together down Tam and over the bridge. All in all it was a challenging day for all. Some just went a whole lot faster. My calorie counter registered 4095. My scale showed a 3 lb drop. Cha-Ching.

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