Meeting Minutes 3/10/07 – Annual DSSF Board Meeting

Present: Chris LaR., Chris C., Patrick H., Anne Z., Dave G., Scott S., Stephanie V., Jerome T., David G., Mark H., Kim W., Liz A., Matt E.
Absent: Bill B.

Meeting called to order @5pm.
Passing of gavel from Dave Glidden to Chris LaRussell.


Updated Bylaws discussed and will be emailed to Board members by Chris LaR.

According to our bylaws, quarterly Club meetings are required.
The first quarterly club meeting will be @Sports Basement (weekday, Presidio, evening) by the end of April. The remaining 3 meetings will likely be linked to club events. Liz will contact SB regarding availability and get back to the Board with information and final date setting.

Kim W. is inquiring about listing DSSF on Betty’s List. Kim to return info to Board: cost, target audience, #reached. Stephanie V. lists Iron Horse Trail ride, wears jersey. Matt as Yahoo! Group moderator gets questions about joining DSSF. He will send those contacting him informational email and then will shoot those emails over to outreach for further follow up.

Board update to be imported by webmaster

Discussion about inappropriate ride postings. Discussion about purpose of Jersey Ride. Discussion about posting additional rides on Jersey Ride day. Discussion about cross-posted rides.
Resolution: Continue the Jersey Ride, JR will continue to be Board led (email exchange prior to ride defining roles), the Board will monitor when additional rides are posted on JR days making sure that outreach is not affected. When crossposting rides, make sure the other club mentions our club in their post. DSSF membership is encouraged to wear their jerseys on ALC rides and to promote DSSF on ALC rides.

Events (Bill B. not present, but conveyed his ideas to Chris LaR. prior to the meeting.)
The Board defined DSSF Events as club events that are not regular rides. Century Rides (as designated for DSSF club participation), social gatherings (such as Holiday Party, picnic) and DSSF planned weekends, all which are not regular member posted rides on our monthly ride calendar, are considered Events. A Special Events ChainLetter will be published for the membership with information about these events. The Event Coordinator (Bill B.) will be responsible for the coordination and finding volunteers to help with the “out of town” events and the Vice President, Dave G., will help with the picnic, Pride Day and Holiday Party, Chris LaR. will help coordinate the “local” events (examples: Evil Stepsisters, Tierra Bella) . Fiscal impact to club needs to be considered when planning a particular event, with final approval of Treasurer and President.

Events for 2007 were decided to be the following:
Jersey Ride, March 10th
Cinderella & Evil Step Sisters, March 31st
DSSF Saddle Challenge, March 2007
Tierra Bella, April 14th
Chico Wildflower Weekend, April 23-24th
Wine Country Century, May 5th
Jersey Ride, May 12th
GWBR, May 25-28th
Team DSSF @ALC, June 3-9
Jersey Ride, June 9th
DSSF in SF Pride, June 24th
Club Picnic @China Camp, July 8th
Jersey Ride, July 14th
Death Ride, July 14th
DSSF Wine Country Weekend, July 27-30
Marin Century, Aug 4
Jersey Ride, Aug 11
Team DSSF @Bike Against the Odds, September 16th
Konocti Challenge, Oct 6th
Amador County Weekend, October 12-14th
Fall Social, October 28th
Mount Hamilton in the Fall, November 3rd
Jersey Ride, November 10th
Jersey Ride, December 8th
Holiday Party, December 8th

Solvang as event in May, Tour de Napa, Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party, Tour of the Unknown Coast voted down as events. Amador weekend moved from weekend of October 6th to weekend of the 13th due to Bill B. Italy conflict.

ChainLetter (Chris C., Patrick H., Chris LaR.)
The ChainLetter (CL) needs to return. Not only for outreach, but its existence is also necessitated by our bylaws. Much discussion about the blog and how it fits into the CL’s return. Much discussion about format of CL. Much discussion about using last names.
Resolution: Keep blog, but with a CL addition. Chris C. is going to work with Jerome to incorporate the existing blog format to accomodate a CL format that can be printed in hardcopy as one monthly unit. CL will have board business, membership stats, treasury report, new members/profiles, first names and initials, blog highlights, member’s contributions, discounted bike shops. .

Matt reports that paid membership is: 98 – 23 of which are women.

Club Treasury
Scott reports balance is: $3,478.00

Philosophy of Board
General conversation on “what” DSSF is. We are a Gay and Lesbian road cycling club that encourages safe riding, following the “rules of the road’ and as our Web Page states, we welcome our friends from the GLBT community to participate on our rides. We are friends who ride together. We are not affiliated with any political or other groups, cycling or otherwise and we do not have a political agenda. We are a member lead club, which means the success of our club is reliant on the participation from the general membership.

Club equipment
Chris C. to keep.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned @715pm.

One thought on “Meeting Minutes 3/10/07 – Annual DSSF Board Meeting

  1. The Ride from Seattle to Vancouver (B.C.) and Party! (RSVP) was not voted down, it was never voted on, and is still a DSSF event with 5-6 members going.
    Unfortunately, the ride is also sold out (was in early February.)
    Watch for photos and a blog write up after the ride, as Different Spokes-Seattle will be hosting a pre-ride event for this (first ever) joint event.


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