Morgan Territory Circumnavigation

Ann Dunn and I rode the Morgan Territory Circumnavigation route today.  This was my first time on this route, and the start of the ride was a bit of a comedy of errors (including an unexpected freeway closure, me mis-reading the route slip, and then me falling over ever-so-gracefully at the first stop light).  Anyway, after these initial goofs, we got ourselves sorted out and got underway.  The route was a mix of big roads and back roads.  The big roads we’re pretty much fine, but a few of the back roads were a bit rough in spots.  The climb up into Morgan Territory was pretty manageable, and the descent afterwards was nice and fast with good road surfaces and visibility.  The scenery through Morgan Territory was beautiful.  After the descent there was a lot of long, flat spinning – which is one of my favorite things. I’ll definitely be posting this ride again later this year, probably with a few tweaks to increase the mileage a little bit.

2 thoughts on “Morgan Territory Circumnavigation

  1. Morgan Territories is one of my favorite East Bay loops, sorry I had to miss it, was recovering from Mt. Hamilton Challenege.


  2. you had me worried there for a moment, what with you being the ride leader and me being the co-leader by default and all. But it turned out to be a beautiful ride. Nice to g


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