test of semi-strength

Wanderson Eric and I met at 9am. Perfect weather. Post bridge all warmers and vests came off for the first time all year. Wanderson got distracted in Farfax. Drama? Eric and I pushed up to the dam; then to the east peak. After running out of water I needed plenty of fluids and rest. Post descent the test began.. I rode as hard as possible with nothing left at the end except exhaustion. I made the climb in 26.5. Eric played with my emotions and stayed behind me the whole way up the brutal push. As usual the hardest ride I could do was only his pre webcore warm-up. From there the ride was nothing short of get this shit over with.. I  laid in bed moaning for 2 hours popping aspirin and calories. Les Eric and I met for drinks and gossip later in the evening. Today me and Les did the traditional jersey ride.. very.. very slowly. Twas a decent weekend all in all.

2 thoughts on “test of semi-strength

  1. Wanderson distracted? 🙂 Sounds pretty brutal, Jeremy. Sunday’s recovery ride sounds much more pleasurable.


  2. Sounds like fun. I probably would have died, so it’s a good thing I missed it :). Next time, though…


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