October Jersey Ride

Friday’s rain in the Bay Area and the nine club members enjoying the Gold Country weekend kept the turn-out low, despite the bright clear fall morning we had for the Jersey Ride. I was greeted by Dinei and Wly who were already at Peets shortly after 8:30, and we were joined by Victor who came out to enjoy the classic Tib loop, along with Patrick riding sweep. Rico (on his new bike), Jeremy and Yew-Hoe joined us in stages on Arguello along the way, bringing our total to 8 riders.

At the Golden Gate Bridge, we regrouped, but lost Patrick, who recently had orthoscopic surgery on his elbow turned back, as his arm was not as strong as he had hoped it would be. Another gorgeous crossing of the bridge, reminiscent of my first Jersey ride with the Club, four years earlier. Do we live in the best place for riding and views or what?

Another quick regroup at sanitation plant restrooms before hitting Camino Alto. Jeremy left us shortly after we started up Camino Alto, I wasn’t sure and didn’t get a chance to ask, if he hurried on to Peets in Corte Madera for a quick expresso shot or not. It was equally gorgeous heading around Paradise Drive and on into Tiburon for (early, shortly after 11am) lunch at Sharks Deli.

We opted not to take the short-cut straight up Alexander Avenue from Sausalito, taking the East Road return to the bridge, past Fort Baker; what a crystal clear view of both Angel Island and Alcatraz. Jeremy commented that he had never noticed Angel Island before.

It wasn’t until on the return ride, that I noticed Wly had blood on his elbow; while on Paradise Drive hearing a car coming from behind, he moved closer (well, too close?) to the shoulder and went down. Good to hear that it resulted only in minor cuts, but he opted to skip the impromptu stop at Velo Cafe on the way back to get home for some TLC from Bob. Dinei headed on, Jeremy had already turned off shortly after the bridge, but Rico, Yew-Hoe and I did stop for coffees at the cafe, enjoying the sun and chatting. While it’s great when there is a huge turn out, it’s much easier to enjoy everyone’s company when it is a small group; thanks Wly, Dinei, Patrick, Victor, Rico and Yew-Hoe for coming on out!