January Jersey Ride

When I left Hollister at 6:15am headed for the City, I was a bit concerned about the 39 degree temperature I saw while on Highway 25. I was relieved to see that as I headed north, and the sun came up, that the temperature was finally approaching the 50’s. Shades of last January’s ride we did in the 40’s, which wasn’t all that bad, as I was dressed for it.

Dave, Michael, Patrick and I led the ride from Peets, joined by Larry, Wly, John, Nancy, and Les, along with Stuart, who had enjoyed one of Aaron’s Relaxing Rides in the past, and came out to give DSSF another whirl. At the bridge, we were joined by Don and Jerome bringing our number to an even dozen.

Nancy and Larry were doing the Conzleman longer loop, and she headed out first, missing the last minute group photo. They arrived in Tiburon together, having kept each other company, while the rest of us opted for the standard Tib loop.

Thanks for joining us!