February Jersey Ride

Saturday’s Jersey ride was quite the spectacular February day! Following up on January’s hazy and crisp Jersey ride, a clear morning and with temperatures in the 60’s it was a welcome break from the rains of the previous weekend.

Chris, Jerome, Michael, Will and myself led the ride out with members Wly, John, Larry, Aaron, Raymond and Cameron, the newest member having just joined the day before. We were joined by Harold, Pierre, Ely and Jeffrey as we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge shortly after 9am. At the bridge, we were joined by Dave, Roger and Jeremy.

It was a bit windier than I expected, but not horrible, as we crossed the bridge. On a gorgeous day like today, it didn’t matter. At the Conzelman parking lot, we met up with Stephanie and were soon joined by Nancy (who had to hurry by Sports Basement and get a new helmet.) This brought the rider count up to 20 riders!

Will and Harold headed on to do the longer Conzelman route, and the other riders had already headed on down to Sausalito. Jerome decided to also do Conzelman, and so Roger, Stephanie, Nancy and I headed after the others.

At Camino Alto, Jerome caught up with us and we caught up with the others at Sharks Deli in Tiburon at lunch. Most of the riders were done with lunch ahead of us and headed back. We said good bye to Aaron, who was returning to the City by ferry.

Thanks for coming out and riding with us!

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