Aaannnndddd they’re off!

Well, most of them anyway…

The first 10 days of March have passed and the DSSF Saddle Challenge participants are starting to rack up some serious mileage – collectively they have logged over 1,400 miles! Larry L’Italien leads the way with 263 miles ridden in 9 of the 10 days – just over 40% of his 650 mile goal. The President, Mr. Gaus, is catching up with 232 miles, and Jerome (the frenchman) is not far behind with 226 miles!

When we registered for the challenge, we set a mileage goal for the month. The highest percentage achieved to date (73%), as well as the most days ridden (10 for 10) goes to yours truly 😉

David Gaus currently has the most miles ridden in a single day: 101! I suspect this was the day of the Solvang Century. That record may be broken before the month is over though – there have been rumors of a couple of people doing a double century in the weeks ahead.

The weather has been beautiful so far this March – let’s hope it keeps up!

Happy riding everyone – hope to see you on the road soon!