The final results are in for the March Saddle Challenge…

The DSSF March Saddle challenge has come to a close and what a
spectacular month of riding it was for our participants! Larry
Litalien maintained the lead for the most miles ridden in March: 778!
Congratulations Larry! Jerome Thomere stayed in 2nd with 740 miles
and Will Bir hit 595 miles for 3rd place! Will & Jerome both did the
Solvang Double Century in March, thus they tied for the most miles
ridden in a single day: 192.5 miles – yikes!!!

Larry continued his almost daily riding routine throughout the month
for a total of 28 riding days! I was next with 27 days (in case you
haven’t guessed it, we both commute to work on our bikes).

The Saddle Challenge is also about achieving the mileage goals that
we set at the beginning of the month. Will topped that list at nearly
120%! Others that reached their mileage goals included Sharon Lum,
Larry Litalien, Jerome Thomere and myself. President Gaus and Don
Dodge came very close to theirs as well.

When participants registered for the Saddle Challenge, we gave them
the option to continue supporting Project Inform in the name of Ron
Wilmot – a former DSSF member. This could be done in a pledge per
mile basis or a fixed lump-sum contribution. Collectively we raised
over $500.00 this year!

Thanks to everyone that participated this March! We hope this has
helped to get you on your way to a great year of riding! Be sure to
continue watching the DSSF Ride Calendar for upcoming rides.

Viel Velovergnügen alle!