Tierra Bella

This years Tierra Bella featured a new hellish change to the century route; no Metcalf Road climb, instead we only went as far as Calero Reservoir before returning to Morgan Hill and then on to the new challenge, Thomas Grade and East Dunne to Henry Coe State Park.

Jerome Thomere, William Bir, Larry L’Italien, David Goldsmith and I all headed out together for the loop up past Uvas. Christopher Olson was also at the ride start, but he was unsure because it was rather cold, he mentioned something about going back to a warm bed instead.

At the Uvas rest stop, David told us to go on, he was going on to his own version of the ride, and made his way over to do the Gilroy Hot Springs loop, ending the day with over 70 miles.

Topher did catch up to us at the Calero rest stop and again at the Coyote River park stop, although he had to change a tube there. He later passed me, going up East Dunne to the Henry Coe Park rest stop.

Although we did not see Stephanie Clarke or her spin class friend (who were doing the metric) before we left, or any of the other DSSFers doing the metric, we did hear of sightings by Alfred Santiago who started the metric with Stephanie Vance, along with Feney Mathews who reported she enjoyed the beautiful ride, despite winds on the return to Gabilan College.

And Almaden Cycling Touring Club definitely wins kudos for the homemade breads at the rest stops along with the post-ride meal, always great featuring pie and ice cream!