Old La Honda, Tunitas Creek

Mother nature treated to a beautiful day with sunshine, dry roads and just the right temperature for hills—Doug, who generated his own rain storm, may have a different view on this last point. Five arrived for the ride, but unfortunately Rob had to bow out before it started since he was missing a quick release and skewer.  Mark joined us by riding and additional 13 miles from Mtn View.  Yeesh.

We did a short warm up along Mtn Home Rd, and without much ado went straight into the first big climb up Old La Honda.  Mark challenged us to beat 23 minutes and promptly disappeared up the hill.  Topher, then Doug, then Nancy followed, only to find Mark heading back down to taunt us.  Final times: Mark completed his first climb in 22:15, meeting his goal.  Topher in 25:10 beating his previous PR by 2 minutes.  Doug in 28:08.  Nancy completed her first climb of Old La Honda in 33 minutes, which beats the Leader’s first climb up that hill, so we can tell she’ll be leading this ride next year.

We continued down Old La Honda and La Honda (must be new) to San Gregorio General Store.  Mark broke away, while Topher and Doug attacked each other deceiving themselves into believing they might catch up.  Everyone arrived at the market ready for food and rest.  Ah, Rest.  But then came Tunitas Creek.

Mark declared that catching Topher wouldn’t be any fun, because Topher wasn’t really pushing.  So they enjoyed each others company until the last 200 feet of climbing, whence Mark easily dusted Topher.  Final times, starting from CA-1 and ending at Skyline: Mark under 56, Topher 56, Doug 1:04 and Nancy 1:05.

Final stats: Total time 4:03, ascent 3944 and miles 37.7.  Everyone congratulate Nancy for a superb first time performance.

One thought on “Old La Honda, Tunitas Creek

  1. Dear Topher, et al,

    My wife and I just bought a farm at 1045 Tunitas Creek Road, 1 mile east of Hwy. 1. We’ll raise organic veges and flowers and pastured eggs. We hope by this fall to have a small picnic area for bikers and will offer free water and sell snacks. Keep an eye out for us; we hope to offer you all a nice pit stop in a few months.



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