Santa Monica Mountains

I thought some folks might be interested in this ride that was done last weekend (1/23-1/25/09).  It was a beautiful 3 day ride in the Santa Monica Mountains put on by Planet Ultra (the same people who put on both of the Solvang doubles, among others) and was billed the “King of the Mountains Training Camp” after some fairly stiff century rides coming up in March and April down in the Santa Monica Mountains.

From Tuna Canyon.JPG

The weather was not exactly the greatest, with a fairly decent rain on Friday, a bit more on Saturday, then holding off with a final mostly sunny day on Sunday.  So while Friday was a bit on the wet and cold side, overall it was an excellent adventure with about 171 miles of riding and roughly 16,300 feet of climbing over the 3 days.  This was the inaugural event for this “camp” and I’m sure they will be putting it on again since they had a decent turnout of twenty something people.  So, for those who really enjoy Will’s 3 day Plymouth trip, you might look into this in the future as a good work out with some stunning views.

Sherwood Lake.JPG

The most memorable climbs included a fairly relentless 12 miler on Mulholland Highway on Friday, Little Sycamore Canyon/Yerba Buena Road on Saturday (a pretty rough road at the top in terms of pavement condition) and Latigo Canyon on Sunday.