March Saddle Challenge is on!

But what is this Saddle Challenge, you ask?

The Saddle Challenge is an annual Different Spokes event, where each March we challenge each other to get out on our bikes and get some time in the saddle!

So choose a goal, for example, 25 miles per week x 4 weeks. Whatever you feel comfortable with, no goal it to small or too big, it’s your goal after all.

This is also a way for members to also (optionally) raise money for Project Inform. You can choose a per mile pledge or a lump sum figure. At the end of the month, we will ask those members who did pledge to mail their checks (made out to Project Inform) to the DSSF post office box, so we can send all money raised on behalf of Different Spokes?

Why? Because a long time member, Ron Wilmot, started the Ron Wilmot Ride for Project Inform, a fundraising event that no longer happens, but we continue to do our part each March. Again, the pledge portion is entirely optional!

So let’s challenge each other to get ourselves into shape, and have fun! Time to dust of that bike that’s been in the garage all winter, lube up the chain, pump up the tires and enjoy!

How do you sign up?

Go to DSSF home page and under Upcoming Events, click on The Saddle Challenge is on!

Just enter your First and Last name and the password (SC2009) to register, then enter your goal mileage, and optionally your per mile or lump sum pledge. Then log in after you ride (make sure you use the same name every time you log in), and choose thh date and enter the mileage. Try and get the mileage entered by each Sunday. I will be posting a weekly update here and on the DSSF Yahoo! Group.

–Let’s Ride!