Final Saddle Challenge results…

… are in! For the second year in a row, Larry L’Italien maintained the lead with the most miles ridden in March: 853! Doug Dexter completed 643 miles and Cameron Ross was right on his rear tire with 633 miles, so very close!

Both Doug and Larry completed the Solvang Double Century with the longest single ride (197.3 and 195.8 respectively) It was also Larry’s first double, and didn’t die, congratulations!

Larry also lead the most days of riding, with an impressive 26 days, and Doug and Cameron tied next with 14 days, followed by Jerome with 13 days.

Those who achieved or exceeded their mileage goal starts with Cameron and 140% of his goal completed, followed by Doug with 128%, and myself at 103%. Those who came close to their mileage goal include David Goldsmith, Larry, Sharon Lum and Jerome Thomere.

Everyone who joined the challenge and rode during the month is a winner! Overall we completed 4,202 miles of the 5,250 total mileage goal with $442 raised for Project Inform by 13 participants! Thanks to all who participated in this year’s Saddle Challenge. Great job everyone!

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