Half Moon Bay – Pescadero Loop

We had a great turnout on Saturday for our ride from Half Moon Bay down the coast to Pigeon Point and around to Pescadero and San Gregorio. Fourteen riders joined me (the most I can remember for a non-Jersey ride in years!) for this beautiful roller coaster of a ride. The weather was chilly and breezy, as exemplified by the photos. We all felt like Cat 3 racers heading down Cabrillo Highway, but paid our dues heading back north into strong headwinds.

The group at ride out from HMB

Veteran DSSF riders, David Gaus, Wanderson, Jeff, Steph, Roger, Cameron, Rob, Tia, Doug O, Scott, Nancy and I were joined by Joel (on loan from Chicagoland for some ALC training) and new DSSF riders Shane and Carl. Everyone did great, despite the strong headwinds on the return trip north, and we were rewarded with a tasty picnic lunch at the Pescadero General Store and Bakery.

David G had a few flats, and one member had to bow out of the ride for lack of shoes (sadly, she could not borrow Cam’s shiny white shoes). Other than that, a grand outing was had by all!!