Tour de Heat (aka South Bay Reservoirs loop)

Fortunately “de Heat” was not a full furnace blast mode for the riders who joined me today: Chris Contos, Doug Dexter, Jeffrey Kongslie, Cameron Ross, Jerome Thomere, and my friend Doug Flora.

It’s a quick jaunt down Santa Theresa Boulevard and up Bailey Avenue, past IBM, and we’re at the eastern edge of Calero Reservoir. Heading down to Chesbro Reservoir and back down to the valley floor we head over to Coyote River Park at the base of Anderson Lake and our first rest stop.

The return from Gilroy takes us up Watsonville Road to Uvas Road, where Doug F got a flat, I stopped and helped with the tube change, and then we were on our way again. The climb back up to Chesbro work. A while later Doug Doug F called, “I’m at the top of Bailey Road (huh?), but Jerome had a blow out and his front tire is trashed.” So from plan A, I’m on to plan B, rescuing Jerome on Uvas Road. This was his second blow out on the Specialized Pro tires on the new bike (the first was on the rear tire on Day 2 of ALC on River Road.) At least both tires are new now!