Just a sweet little ride around the city

Yesterday was the first ride in a ride series promoted and put together by David Goldsmith; a series of progressively longer rides, leading up to a possible first century (the Wine Country Century in May), or just for those interested in getting out and to begin getting some miles in.

Evan, David, Anna, Thomas, Joe, Rico

Thomas, Evan K, Anna, Rico and Joe joined David and I for “Our Destination is Destination“, heading first to Golden Gate Park, taking JFK to the Great Highway. We regrouped at the restrooms near the zoo, where Dennis caught up with us (actually, he was waiting for us; he missed us at the start and somehow got ahead of us.) Thomas unfortunately had a flat, and then Dennis joined him. Two new tubes later, we headed off to circle Lake Merced, then began the only significant climbing of the ride, up Sloat and St. Francis Boulevards, and over to Glen Park where we stopped at Destination Baking Company for a snack.

Destination Bakery

A delightful ride, without a doubt and great company! The next ride in the series is Saturday, January 16th, from Millwood Community Center to Nicassio and back!