Stage Road From Pescadero

6 riders braved the January weather in Pescadero. We all drove through a deluge on Highway 1 before arriving at Pescadero, then spent the first hour of the “ride” having coffee and tea in the bakery and country store, lusting after the baked goods, and debating the merits of riding vs. the warm artichoke soup at Duarte’s. Great hanging out with Wly, Scott, Nancy, Frank, and Patrick for a while – but I’m glad we decided to take off on our bikes around 11 – the sky cleared, and we were rewarded with a beautiful day.

One of the goals of this ride was to help us get in shape for spring and summer riding. Good thing – several of us (myself included) discovered that we were quite out of shape after a winter of hibernating and not doing much riding. When I caught up with the fitter riders in San Gregorio, my thought was “I can’t believe I ever rode 100 miles on the same day before.” Things will get easier as the season develops.

It was a classic coastside ride on a gorgeous day – beautifully verdant hills on Stage Road, clear air as we rode down Highway 1, providing great vistas, and running water in Gazos Creek.