King’s Mountain

After five months off my bike due to back problems, I am trying to get progressively back in the saddle, and I found that David’s series of winter/spring rides have been perfect for that.

Today was a good day to test my first big climb: King’s Mountain Rd, 1630 feet of climbing on 4.2 miles, with some parts around 11%. In a sense, I was lucky I was the only one to show up with David with morning, so I could control my pace better.

On the other hand, it was a shame, because it was a gorgeous day. And thanks to El Niño, we have been enjoying some unusually green scenery. The foothills of Palo Alto are generally pretty nice but they are now particularly lovely.

There was also a first today: we had lunch at Robert’s Market, but not the one in Woodside, the one in Portola Valley at Alpine & Portola. It’s the same great food but the location is more enjoyable: warmer, with a few tables outside, and a nicer environment.

A perfect ride. Thanks, David!