Gilroy Hot Springs and South Bay Reservoirs Loop

Well, this was a fabulous ride with a nice group of riders. Two David G.’s, two Rogers, and one each Ben, Will, Frank, Doug and Stephanie met up at Peet’s in Morgan Hill on a gorgeous morning of what proved to be a gorgeous day. Perfect weather, and green hills all around, can’t beat that. This part of the South Bay is great riding territory in the spring.

The gang, just before ride out

After coffeeing up, we headed east and then south. After we reached Roop Road, David G.’s route roughly paralleled the metric century of the Tierra Bella tour. Uphill on Roop Road towards Gilroy Hot Springs, then back down Canada Road. Unlike Tierra Bella, there were no hunky firemen at the CDF substation (darn), nor was there a deathly skeleton atop Canada Road reminding us to take it easy on the descent. (So we didn’t.)

We cruised into Gilroy around 12:30 and lunched at Quizno’s, knowing the hills were mostly behind us.

From there, my favorite part of the ride – up Uvas Road and McKeen. But I am used to doing this part of the route first thing in the morning, when there is no wind, and on this particular day, we faced headwinds all the way up Uvas. We were ready to take a good break when we got to Calero before going wee, wee, wee all the way home to Morgan Hill.

62.25 miles more towards the Saddle Challenge!

Out in the middle of nowhere
Stephanie takes a breather on Uvas Road