My first google map ride

Last Saturday, I went on a BART to BART bike ride through the 3 bears and Mt Diablo (up to the junction). I knew most of the route, but there was some parts I was not to familiar, around Pleasant Hill, and some part where I knew only not bike friendly routes (north of Dublin).
So I decided to use the new bicycling route from Google Maps. It took me literally 20 seconds! Here is what they come up with:

Google maps direction from Orinda Bart to Dublin Pleasanton via 3 bears and Diablo junction

Mostly I was very happy with the results:

– I discover some nice street in Pleasant Hill that connected to the Contra Cost Canal Trail

– The last part of the Trail (south of Pleasant Hill BART station) I was familiar with, but they made me leave it to cross Ygnacio Valley Rd, which I think was better than what I usually do.

– Then they make you reconnect with the trail, but with misleading indications, using the street names. Fortunately I knew that part.

– Much later on, they finally made me discover southern part of Iron Horse Trail, that very nicely connect to the Dublin Pleasanton BART station.

One problem is that it is sometimes hard to follow their indication when on a trail, because cross streets are very rarely marked.

I am pretty sure that won’t be news for some of you, but it opens new perspectives for the rest of us.

One thought on “My first google map ride

  1. Oh, Lordy, that is the one bicycle route that I DO KNOW, and don’t get lost on, or get those god damned (sorry, but I know that there is a god, because he hates Mobile homes and has terrible temper tantrums over those awful things—I’m not even from the South, but you’d never know it from these runon&on&on sentences–why, maybe I’m part Gertrude SteinSTEINsteinstyne–you never know).. flat tires! Not as much glass on them. But anyway, that was the one trail that I could figure out…but those crazy cross streets can be very confusing–just think diagonal, and it will work just fine. I like to go to that Panda Express place, and get the HUGE diet soda–if it’s a hot day, you need it! It takes almost as much time to do 20 miles of that trail as it does to run over to Marin County–so many stop signs–but less of a chance to be hit by crazed motorists. And if you are blessed with laziness, as I am, there are not as many hills–hardly any, and you don’t miss them one tiny bit, no, not at all! Don’t worry, being a scriptomaniac is fun in it’s own way…


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