Evil Step Sisters-April Jersey Ride

The forecast was 10% chance of rain all day, who knew that forecast was so wrong. Seventeen of us headed for Fairfax, most intending to do the full Alpine Dam-Mt. Tam loop as planned. But the weather gods were not pleased, for whatever reason because in Larkspur while we were at Rullie Gran Cafe for our first regroup, the skies opened up and it rained. And iPhones came out, various weather apps were launched and… none of the radars showed anything; nada, zip, zilch, not even pale blue, let alone the green we expected!


More than half the riders decided to bail out then, some heading back to the City by bike, others to the Larkspur ferry terminal. Will and Kevin hoped to get in the China Camp loop before catching the ferry. Cam, Doug, Joseph, Jon, Jerome and I opted to ride on to Fairfax, figuring whatever “it” was, will have passed us and then we can continue on.

We didn’t get rained on heading to Fairfax, but while in Perry’s Deli, the skies opened up once again. None of us wanted to be caught on the mountain in the rain, so we headed back, once again with different plans. Jon was parked at Mike’s in Sausalito, and Joseph wanted to stop there and get his chain replaced. Jerome and I opted to head for Larkspur also to catch the ferry, and Doug and Cam rode all the way back.

We had about a 40 minute wait for the ferry, not bad. Will and Kevin arrived drenched, having turned around at the entrance to the China Camp State Park when it appeared that the rains were going to continue. The ride back to the City was enjoyable, and all appeared dry. Post ride reports indicated that it stopped raining in Sausalito for Doug, Cam got rain halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Reports from the gals doing the Cinderella Classic were vaguely reminiscent of 2006, the year the forecast was so bad the we postponed the Evil Step Sisters until Sunday. Rain and headwinds, not fun!