Palo Alto to Pescadero

I was thinking about putting a ride on the calendar for the Monday of the Fourth of July weekend, but had not gotten around to it, when David asked if I’d be interested in co-leading a Palo Alto-Pescadero loop. Heck yes, no route sheet to prepare for a change!

The gorgeous weather continued (was this weekend in July our summer?) Jerome, David and I enjoyed a wonderful ride, up Old La Honda and then over and down the west side of OLH to Highway 84, then Pescadero Road and Haskins Hill (David suggested this alternate route since the winds were predicted to be the opposite of normal). I have never riden Stage Road that quickly, great having a tail wind! When we got back up to the west Old La Honda turn off of Highway 84, I opted to just continue on 84 because my mind thought going up OLH would be tough and we already had a good day of climbing. It may not have been any worse. Maybe next time.

Jerome, David & David at the top of Old LaHonda, guess who was last…

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