Palomares and Wind Farms

Four of us (Tara, Ben, Jerome and Roger) joined David at the Union City BART station, on that reasonably cool Saturday morning.

After a nice warm-up on Niles Canyon where traffic was not too much of a problem, we started the first climb on the ever popular Palomares, where Tara firmly established her KOM status.
As usual, we regrouped at Peet’s in Castro… Valley, before climbing Norris Canyon, which seemed to me strangely harder than when I did it two years ago around midnight ( :-).

In San Ramon, Tara, Ben & Roger opted for the shorter route and went back to Union City via Sunol, whereas David and I continued towards Camino Tassaraja and Livermore, where we enjoyed the famous windmills.

The winds were not too bad, but the climbs there are always nastier that expected. The return back through Pleasanton and Sunol proved uneventful, thanks mainly to a strong pull by David, whose endurance never fails.

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