Mt. Hamilton on the Fall, or not

SJ radar image.jpg

Up at 6am, I checked the weather forecast, hoping that the radar image would show the rain still heading in a south to north east direction as it was when I went to bed shortly after 9 last night.

Hmm, nope now it’s moving in a more west to east with a slight north track to it. Still too dark to see the Ham cam. The forecasts varied between 10-50% chance of rain or shower for San Jose for most of the day.

Two riders had already cancelled, both for non-weather related reasons. So at 6:30 I sent a cancellation email to the other riders.

At about 9am, I checked the Ham Cams, foggy or misty at the top without a doubt, so hopefully it was a good call.

Perhaps a Mt. Hamiton in the Spring ride for 2011!