Old La Honda-Tunitas Redux

While we did not have the wonderful Indian Summer day I had hoped for to redo Chris Thomas’ Double Bay Double training ride to San Gregorio and back, we did get the weather that Karin had hoped for, a bit cloudy and coolish, but not bad at all. We were joined by a fellow ALC TRL and rider, Judy, and the three of us set off from Mountain View to meet up with Nancy Levin, at the start of Old La Honda. We missed Nancy at the bottom of OLH.

Climbing Tunitas Creek was a first for Karin, and she did great, despite my inaccurate description of the climb. In my mind, the 9 mile climb is broken into thirds with the bottom and top each being not that difficult. I’ll remember next time, it’s more like the bottom and top quarter, with the middle 4+ miles being tough. But in all fairness, I did say that the climb is doable with no steep grades. Nancy headed back to her car from Skyline, while Judy, Karin and I did our lunch stop at Roberts Market and then we continued on Chris’ planned route, which included the extra “evilness” of Elena Road. Thanks again Karin, for co-leading with me. It was a fun day, even more so because I was in the minority, nice to see a 3:1 ratio for a change. 🙂