2012 Best of Poll: Your Favorite Organized Ride

Solicitation were made thru both the club’s Yahoo! group list serve and the Facebook group for nominations for best event or ride of 2012. Nominations have been compiled into a poll.

Nominations included specifics, such as the infamous cold and rainy Day 2 of AIDS/LifeCycle 11, and Day 2 of Double Bay Double at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum. Rather than list each of those as a separate event (out of a seven or two day event, respectively), the event themselves are listed.

The other organized rides nominated are features in the poll, along with a link to the event. Please make your vote count, where a 10 is your favorite event (could be of the year or always), a one is just an event you have never done, and 2 through 9 serve as the in-between not liking an event or just an okay event.

Vote now in the 2012 Different Spokes “Best of” organized ride (or event) poll open now thru January 31st. The results will be tallied in February, so check back.

To vote, go here now”!

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