And the winner(s) are…

In January, I solicited for nominations for club member’s favorite organized ride, and then members were able to vote for their favorite of those choices.

Of the eight (8) single day organized ride nominated, the top choice was the Tour of Napa Valley. Held in August this has certainly been one of my favorites, although not the first century I ever did. Close (very close) in the number two position, is the Tierra Bella, held in April each year, and third place honors went to the Chico Wildflower, also held in April.

Tierra Bella 2013

Interesting to note is the absence of the Wine Country Century, a good choice for a first century for any rider, and one that falls on the first Saturday of May, allowing for folks to get prepared for it. And it sells out quickly each year, this year on the first day. There are certainly earlier centuries, the Tour de Palm Springs being held this Saturday, and the Solvang Century in March.

Wine Country 2013

Thanks to those who submitted a nomination and for those who voted.

The nominees were:
–Tour de Palm Springs
–Tierra Bella
–Chico Wildflower
–Grizzly Peak Century
–Sequoia Century
–Indian Valley Century
–AIDS/LifeCycle (multiday)
–Tour of Napa Valley
–Double Bay Double
–Foxy’s Fall Century

The Different Spokes listing of 2013 organized rides will be updated soon, stay tuned.