On a Clear Day You Can See Forever…

This year’s first weekday ride got off to a great start on Tuesday, April 9. After a blustery, wet weekend that had us wondering whether we might be rained out, we had brilliantly clear skies devoid of smog and overcast—perfect! Eight folks participated including Ron Hirsch, David Sexton, Sal Tavormina, Roger Hoyer, along with three non-members, Dale, Jiro, and Elliott. Andrew Lee was going to join us but a saddle sore due to a new saddle derailed his participation; Howard Neckel got the start time wrong and showed up late. Next time, guys!

We rode from McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park, the old Different Spokes Decide ‘N Ride start point down to Pacifica for lunch at the Upper Crust Deli with a return up Sharp Park Boulevard and through the nether regions of Daly City. The weekend winds had dumped sand on the Great Highway, which a few of us tried to surf only to abandon for the safety of the multi-use path. Otherwise, our ride was uneventful. The views of the Pacific were stunning on such a clear day. We avoided most of Skyline and Highway One by taking side roads and an occasional bike path, which made it a much nicer day rather than fretting constantly about the traffic on those high speed roads. The return was a butt buster climb up to Fassler Boulevard and then another up Sharp Park.

The ride was about 40 miles with a tad less than 3,000 feet of altitude gain. Everyone seemed to have a good time, but then again any day on a bike is better than a day at work, right?

If you have weekdays free and would like to join us, be sure to watch the Different Spokes ride calendar for future offerings.