30th Anniversary kit pics


Here’s the short sleeve jersey and bib shorts. I’m relieved the colors turned out more vibrant in real life than as they appeared in the drawings. Primal Wear describes this sizing of this clothing as “club” fit i.e. a little more room than in “race” fit. I usually take a medium in “race” fit type clothes, and I ordered small. The bib shorts seem spot on; the short sleeve jersey is not tight (I wouldn’t have expected it to be so) nor voluminous (what I feared). So, it’s in the middle, i.e. it’s not close-fitting but I don’t expect it to flutter in the wind. Here’s a pic from the side:


As you can see, the arms aren’t overly loose either–just about right for my skinny arms!

The vest, or gilet, is reassuringly close-fitting, as it should be to avoid fluttering:


On the other hand, the jacket is, uh, parachute-like even in a small. Fortunately it has a cinch on the right side at chest level that allows you to adjust the fit. Here it is cinched down for my size. I won’t show you what it looks like when it’s open but suffice it to say that if your BMI is anywhere south of about 30, you should be able to get this sucker to fit:


If you ordered any of the 30th anniversary kit, be sure to fly your colors at the next Jersey ride if not before. Let’s see, there’s the Primavera, Chico Wildflower, the Wine Country, Grizzly Peak…