July 2015 DSSF Board Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday 27 July 2015

Time: 6:30 pm

Attendees: Sal Tavormina / President , David Gaus / Vice President, Roger Sayre / Secretary, Ron Hirsch / Membership Coordinator, Jerome Thomere / Web & Blog Editor

1.  Call to Order

Sal called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

2.  Public Comments

No public comments received.

3.  Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the Board meeting of 3/23/15 were approved without comment

4.  President/Membership Coordinator’s Report

a. Saddle Challenge Results

11 riders cycled a total 4,435 miles in March and raised $1,267 for Project Inform. $400-$500 of that total was raised by Adrianne Ratner who had the benefit of a sponsor to help with fundraising. It was a very effective strategy and is something that we’ll encourage all riders to do next year. The beneficiary, Project Inform, is a non-profit based in San Francisco that provides information, inspiration, and advocacy for people with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. 

5. Treasurer’s Report 

a. Financial report: See attached report 

6. Membership Coordinator 

  1. Report on current membership
    7 new members have joined since the last meeting. The number of members not renewing for 2015 has remained the same. Ron will send out membership renewal reminder emails to those who haven’t renewed.
  2. Atmosqueer Event
    Roger & Doug O’Neil attended the AtmosQueer Spring Fling event on Saturday May 2nd at the LGBT Center. The idea of the event was to foster connections between LGBT organizations and the local community and also to connect with people who might be interested in joining DSSF. The event was well attended, but most of the attendees were members of other clubs looking to promote their organizations. Several people did show interest in DSSF, but only a few seemed like regular bike riders. Roger gave the sign in sheet to Ron for follow up. Ron will contact the people who expressed interest in finding out more about DSSF.

7. Ride Coordinator’s Report (Position Vacant) 

  1. No one has volunteered to be ride coordinator, so the former ride coordinator, David Glodsmith, is unofficially collecting ride statistics. Ride stats are comparable to last year and are expected to continue that way for the rest of the year 
  2. David Sexton has posted several rides. David Gaus will be posting a series of DBD training rides.

8. Web/Blog Editor’s Report 

  1. Jerome suggested that Mailchimp.com might be a more reliable email server than 1&1.com. Jerome will experiment and report back at next board meeting for board decision on implementation. 
  2. Jerome will try to get Larry L’Italien removed as administrator 
  3. Discussed using survey monkey for polls, but Yahoo seems to be working 

9. Secretary 

  1. Board elections will be coming up at the beginning of next year. Sal mentioned that if any board members are considering retiring, they may want to start looking for a successor. 

10. Special Events for 2015 

  1. Jock Sunday Fundraiser Aug 16 (Ron Hirsch)
    The Jock Sunday fundraiser at the Lookout is scheduled for August 16th. Volunteers are needed to help with the event which has been a good moneymaker for DSSF. There’s only one volunteer so far so more are needed. Sal suggested a few people to contact. Ron will ask people personally.
  2. Ride and Pool Party, Aug 23rd (Tony Moy & Roger Hoyer)
    The DSSF annual pool party will be held at Tony & Roger’s in Orinda on August 23rd. The date has been changed to avoid work on the BART tracks that could make it difficult for people to get to the party. There will be a ride before the party.
  3. Double Bay Double, Sept 12-13 (Project Inform)
    Emily Mariko-Sanders of Project Inform is organizing the ride. Sign-ups and donations are being done through the DBD website hosted by Project Inform. There are some issues with the website that Emily is dealing with. Roughly 13 riders have registered so far. SAG drivers haven’t yet committed. David Gaus is organizing a series of training rides. Nothing else is needed from DSSF.
  4. Big Sur Ride 2.0, Sept 26-27, (David Gaus)
    The Big Sur ride has been cancelled for this year. Hopefully it will be possible to do it next year.
  5. The DSSF Fall Social, October 4th
    Phil Bokovoy is available to host the DSSF fall social on either October 4th or 11th. The Jersey ride is on October 10th which would make two rides in one weekend. Tony has a ride scheduled for October 4th. Fleet week is the 8th-12th. Sal will confirm with Phil which date works best
  6. Mount Hamilton in the Fall, November 7th
    David Gaus will lead the annual fall ride up Mount Hamilton on November 7th
  7. DSSF Holiday Party, December 12th
    Jeff Pekrul will host the holiday party this year. It will be held on December 12 after the Jersey ride.

11. Next Meeting 

a. The meeting adjourned at 8:04pm. Sal will schedule a meeting for some time in early November.