Ride Recap: Turkey Burn, Option 2

The Davids (Gaus & Goldsmith) led a fast and long ride last Saturday from Lucas Valley up over the Marshall Wall and back via Point Reyes Station. The weather was fantastically sunny the entire time although the start in the morning was a shiver-me-timbers cold. I didn’t do a formal count but it looked like twenty-plus folks showed up, most of whom I had never seen before. The only people we recognized were Lorrie Lee Lown and the Davids and a few faces from the Mt. Hamilton ride a couple of weeks ago. David Gaus seems to be pulling in a lot of ALC and New Bear Republic riders.

Although it was cold, people shot off up the road on what was listed as a “C” pace ride. Perhaps it was the urge to warm up as quickly as possible in the brisk conditions! The climb up Lucas Valley was literally heart warming but the descent, especially with the deep shade in the redwoods, was numbingly cold. At Nicasio some others who wanted a shorter ride joined the group. We chatted briefly with Bill Knudsen and Wanderson and ran into Joe Dintino. That was the last regrouping point that had some semblance of a cohesive crowd. After that we were spread out all over west Marin. Roger was riding his e-bike so I got a hard workout. He went up the hill to the Cheese Factory and we passed group after group—I was barely able to hold his wheel. Some stopped at the Cheese Factory and some kept going. From that point on we barely saw any other riders until Bovine Bakery. The way out Hicks Valley to the Marshall Wall is always a nice retreat from urbanity. It’s completely devoid of signs of city life and provides a cycling experience akin to what you get in the French countryside. It was up and over the Wall and then a mad dash down to Highway One. Unfortunately we got a nasty headwind along Tomales Bay, probably the only disappointment of the day. Before long we were in Pt. Reyes Station at one of our favorite cycling lunch stops, Bovine Bakery. The midday sun was brilliant and it was actually pleasant to sit outside munching our pizza and lemon bars and sipping strong coffee!

We eventually left on our own, not wanting to wait for everyone to arrive. The ride back was another motorpaced adventure behind Roger but it was derailed when I got leg cramps. Fortunately I had brought along a secret weapon: pickle juice. That did the trick but only temporarily. So we slowed down going up Lucas Valley, where it was then Roger’s turn to get cramps. More pickle juice ensued. By the summit my legs had recovered and Roger got on my wheel and we motored back in. Thanks guys, great ride!