The 2016 Different Spokes Saddle Challenge is on!!!

The Saddle Challenge is our annual event, during the month of March, where members can challenge each other (and themselves) to get out on their bikes and ride. You choose your own mileage goal for the month, whether it be 25 miles, 100 miles or 800 miles, it’s your goal! Then use the Saddle Challenge Web site to log your mileage, watch your own progress, and see how other members are doing.

Historically, the Saddle Challenge has also been a way for members to raise money for Project Inform. Project Inform, is a non-profit based in San Francisco that provides information, inspiration, and advocacy for people with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. You can find more information about the life-saving work they do here:

Many years ago, a long time DSSF member, Ron Wilmot, organized an annual fund-raising ride for Project Inform. When this event ended, the Saddle Challenge was started as a way to continue doing our part each March. You can choose to pledge per mile, or as a lump sum, and this is entirely optional. No one is required to pledge money in order to participate. At the end of the month, we will ask those members who did pledge to mail a check (made out to Project Inform) to the DSSF post office box, so we can donate all money raised on behalf of Different Spokes.

This year, in addition to encouraging riders to make a pledge, we are also encouraging riders to find sponsors who are willing to donate on their behalf. Sponsors can donate a lump sum, per mile, or per mile with a cap. One of the benefits of donating through the Saddle Challenge is that unlike many other fund raising events, the Saddle Challenge has absolutely no overhead. That means 100% of your tax deductible contribution goes directly to Project Inform – not 70%, not 80%, not 90%, but 100%.

To sign up for the Saddle Challenge, use the link on the DSSF homepage, or go directly to:

To register, enter your first and last names and the password (to get the password, send an email to: Then, set your own mileage goals for the month of March. You will also have the opportunity to make your own pledge (per mile or lump sum) to Project Inform, but this is strictly optional.

If you have any questions about the Saddle Challenge, please contact me at:

Thanks and hope to see you at the Member Kickoff and Social on Monday Feb 22nd (details on the Club’s Ride Calendar)! I’ll have more information about the Saddle Challenge at the meeting.

President, DSSF