Update on 2017 Centuries

Here is the follow up to my earlier post on 2017 century rides with updates. To see the earlier post, go here.



11 Saturday. Solvang Century. $125 online/$115 mail in. Registration is open. Preregistration closes on Feb. 22. After that you can do day of event registration but the cost goes up to $130.


23 Sunday. Primavera Century. $70. Registration is open. The Primavera is currently about 75% sold.

29 Saturday. Mount Hamilton Challenge. Still no word on whether this venerable event will take place in 2017.

30 Sunday. Chico Wildflower Century. $75 until 1/31, then goes up to $85; $100 onsite registration (if they have any slots, which is never).


6 Saturday. Wine Country Century. Registration opens on 2/1—soon!—and they will sell out in a couple of days if history is a guide. Cost is $87/200k or 100 mi; $77/100k; $62/35 mi.

7 Sunday. Delta Century. $52.50 for 100 century or metric. No information on whether there is a limit this year.

7 Sunday. Grizzly Peak Century. $60; $70 after 4/15. Registration is now open. This has a cap of only 1,000 and usually sells out.

21 Sunday. Strawberry Fields Forever. Registration is now open.


4 Sunday. Sequoia Century. $80 for 100 mi; $70 for 72 mi; $65 for 64 mi; $40 for 44 mi. All go up $10 after 2/17. Registration is now open.

17 Saturday. Mile High 100. $75 for 100 mi; $55 for metric; $55 for half metric.Registration is open. If you’re interested in getting far away from the Bay Area, this is for you. Ride starts in Chester, CA and takes in Lake Almanor.

24 Saturday. Alta Alpina Challenge. This is the “other” Death Ride. $120-$70 depending on which route you ride. You can also make up your own route including as many passes as you want. Cost goes up after 5/1.

24 Saturday. Climb to Kaiser. $95 until 1/31; $110 until 6/11; $125 thereafter. This is a real killer, even more deadly than the Death Ride: 155 miles with 15k vertical. Since it starts in Fresno, you always have extreme heat to make it extra nice. But it’s closer than going to Markleeville!


8 Saturday. Markleeville Death Ride. $125. Registration opened on 1/17 and they are very likely completely full.

29 Saturday. Devil’s Slide Ride. $45-90 depending on route, until 2/20 then goes up quite a bit. This used to be the Giro de Peninsula and started at the old Bay Meadows race track in San Mateo; now it starts in Pacifica. The century is a scenic run down Hwy 1 to Pescadero and up Alpine (!) to Skyline and back on Sharp Park. The metric cuts the route down by returning over Tunitas Creek.

29 Saturday. Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge. $55-65. Registration is open now. 135/101/75/45 mi. Lots of climbing in the Santa Cruz Mtns. and it’s not too far from the Bay Area.


5 Saturday. Marin Century. $110-30 depending on route; increases on 2/5 and then again on 5/1, 6/1, and 7/1. 200/136/107/96/60/30 mi. This is club fav but also for thousands of others, so you are warned. Food on this one is quite good, which makes up for the crowd scene.

20 Sunday. Tour of Napa. 100/65/40/35 mi. No information yet but date is confirmed. This is also club fav and lots of Spokers will likely attend. Food is typically quite good also.


10 Sunday. Motherlode Century. This century has been moved from April to September for 2017. If the Mt. Hamilton Challenge fails to be offered this year, you won’t be able to fall back on the Motherlode, alas. Otherwise no additional details.

23 Saturday. Lighthouse Century. 100/85/65 mi. $75. Registration not yet open. Venerable century starting in Morro Bay on the Central Coast. Route goes over Green Valley to Templeton and then back to the coast up to San Simeon and a return to Morro Bay.


7 Saturday. Best of the Bay. 203 or 114 mi. $100 until 2/28, then goes up. Registration opens on 2/1. This is an East Bay climbing route starting in Castro Valley: Skyline, Grizzly Peak, Redwood, Norris Cyn., Diablo, Calaveras. If this ride coincides with a heat wave, you’ll be in for a real gruesome treat.

21 Saturday. Foxy Fall Century. Registration opens 6/1. 100, metric, or 50k. Enjoyable flattish ride in the Davis exurbs. Limit of 1500 and it will sell out.

22 Sunday. Canyon Classic. $59 until 91, then $69, or $80 same day. 112, 91, or 53 mi. The Canyon Classic used to be in June, when it was usually hot. Now it’s in October and that’s likely to make it a less sweltering. However Del Puerto Canyon is likely to be dried out and arid in October instead of green. Lovely ride up Del Puerto and down to Livermore and back to Patterson after some flat Valley miles. The metric goes up Del Puerto and back down for Valley miles. The 91-mile is up Del Puerto and to the top of Mt. Hamilton and back.